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Italian Job

Italian Job

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Wednesday 31st October 2007

It is now getting increasingly difficult to remember where we are, what day it is, and where we are going to!  Today we have moved on to Turin via our navigation book and, of course, timing was critical.  En-route we had a special stage in the grounds of Cascina San Cassiano in Alba, where they provided lunch for us all and showed us round the food processing factory.

We arrived in Turin after covering approximately 125miles, once here in Turin we gathered in the centre in a beautiful square called Piazza Carlo Alberto, which we had time to explore, before the police escorted us around some of the Italian Job film sets.  This was crazy, four police bikes and a car with flashing blue lights escorting a load of Minis around Turin with the Minisí horns blaring and their lights blazing, for the startled onlookers it must have been a rare sight!  The traffic lights were ignored, the pedestrian crossings were ignored, we had a free run of the city for a while (well not entirely free run), but what an experience!

The police escorted us then to the famous Lingotto roof top test track, a very popular area where some of the filmís car chases took place, we had a fantastic time going round the main road way up to the top and an equally fantastic time all getting a couple of laps around the track, once again an experience not to be missed.  Now we are settled in the Meridien Lingotto hotel which is the old Fiat factory converted into a hotel.

More photos are now up in the gallery, we have had trouble at the last two hotels in getting internet connections, so sorry for the lack of recent photos.

Speak again soon.

Ian & Mike

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