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Italian Job

Italian Job

Unfortunately the GPS Tracker we have fitted has failed.
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Saturday 27th October 2007

Today we had the navigation run to the children’s home, and what a greeting from the children we got.  They were so excited, I think it was like Christmas and they couldn’t wait for us to arrive.  After checking-in with the timekeeper, we then did a special stage on their football pitch where we were timed to do some entries into boxes and touch the front and back of the vehicle on a plastic obstacle and doing it all in a predetermined time, great fun and loads of cheers from the kids.

After all cars had completed that, we were invited to give our gifts which were displayed on a table with a vast amount of little eyes just eager to get “stuck in”.  But before they were allowed, thanks and songs were sung by the children.  It was a very humbling experience seeing so many children with varying disabilities.

Time to go, we navigated to a little town called Asolo where we had about an hour to get a coffee and tour the very idyllic town.  From there we had to navigate to a place called Villa Razzolini where we had lunch.  This was our last navigational stop, they intended to take us to a military airport, but due to a last minute ìsecurity scareî we were not allowed in.  We were left to do whatever we wished for the rest of the day so Team 18 and ourselves went to the town of Treveso, a pretty place where we had a coffee and soaked in the local atmosphere.

Back to the hotel where our very dirty little Mini was treated to a wash, tonight we have the charity auction so I’ve told Mike no twitching or else we will be bringing extra stuff home.  We have a few items to auction for the charities, four fake gold bars made by Gary Smith out of resin and sprayed gold and embossed with “The Italian Job 2007”, we have had a good deal of interest in them already so we’re hoping for some good results (we’ll see) – weíve put a photo on the gallery of the gold bars.

That’s all for now folks.


Ian & Mike

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